Writing COPY That Generates revenue

Welcome to my site! I’m Deepak, a writer from India that specializes in writing copy for the web. I can help you get discovered online, generate website traffic and increase your company’s revenue.

Let me help you make the best out of your content marketing efforts!

I can help you with

  • Blog Posts
  • Marketing Emails
  • Social Media Posts
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • PDP Copy
  • Non-fiction eBooks
  • Website Copy

How you’ll benefit

  • Kickstart and forget, I’ll get everything running smoothly with your inputs and a brief
  • Leverage my expertise in the subject matter for your own benefit
  • Increase your visitor count and leverage the same to increase your revenue
  • Keep your followers engaged and entertained, and your account from becoming obsolete


Blog Posts and SEO

Bringing potential customers and clients to your site, educating them, showing them how your product or service can help them in the hope that one day they will convert.

Social Media Posts

Building a network of following is not an easy feet. On the other hand, keeping them engaged with well-researched content is a herculean task that is more complicated than building your following.

eCommerce Content

Product descriptions, shop bio, automated comment replies, and every other piece of content related to running a store online, providing your customers the best experience possible without direct contact.

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